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Online Presence

Today the only thing a potential customer can know about you is your online presence. By looking at your website and what other customers have said about you in reviews are all your potential customer has to address a multitude of perceived fears they have about letting a stranger in their home.

Your professional online presence designed by ServiceAxis allows you to address these customer fears and even provides a customer portal that is easy for customers to login and communicate directly with you.

Best of all you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a website that quickly goes out of style and must be updated every 4-5 years. We provide a professionally designed online presence that we continually update to include all your search engine optimization for one low monthly price.

We even have social media and Google/Bing pay-per-click programs that allows small business to grow their customer base at lower budgets. All the account set up, landing pages and ads are created, launched and managed for one low monthly fee.

Service Axis Benefits

Customer Relationship Management

Keeping track of all your customer information can be overwhelming. Especially with the number of email addresses, cell phone numbers, home numbers, work numbers and more you can easily find yourself overwhelmed.

Sales & Payments

How many times have you waited too long to get paid, or didn’t get paid at all? The ServiceAxis software allows you to get paid instantly while you or your technicians are still in the home.

Customer Communication

Today’s customers expect instant communication and instant feedback. It does not matter if they clicked a $150 Google ad to get to your website, if you are not instantly responsive, they are moving to the next company.

Scheduling Appointments

Allowing your potential customers to book service online means you book more calls with less marketing spend.

Reputation Management

Generate more reviews through automatic review request. By requesting a Google or Facebook review automatically through text or email after the service

Marketing Automation

One of the most cost-effective marketing you can use is automated marketing campaigns.

Online Presence

Today the only thing a potential customer can know about you is your online presence.

Document Storage & Sharing

You can finally throw away that large metal file cabinet in your office. The ServiceAxis software provides secure and backed up online document storage.

Social Media

Finally control all your social media from one software. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Enhance your customer journey and let your customers buy products and services the way they want to

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